Mission Digital

"The Internet is becoming the town square for the global village of tomorrow."

Supporting organisations working for the greater good with digital support and services.

Good For Nothing...

Free and Low Cost Support for Non-Profits

We provide selected cause-based organisations complimentary operational support in the digital space. Operational costs are difficult for non-profits to budget for, as they are often exempt from grant funding and rely on large volunteer commitment to run things like events to bring in regular ‘income.’

By providing ongoing support during their growth phase, we’re able to help organisations to develop their digital assets strategically in a way that helps them become more self-sustainable.

See below for eligibility criteria and info on how to apply to join the program.

Mission Digital Supports...

We’ve been supporting WiTWA through our Mission Digital Program since 2020. Only 28% of the Australian IT workforce is female and WiTWA leads the way in advocating for and introducing women into STEM roles.
Zonta House Refuge Association is a specialist service providing safety, essential relief and support to women who have experienced family and domestic violence. Their focus is to deliver high quality, innovative services to prevent and reduce FDV, providing intervention opportunities and support services to assist in the recovery of women and children.
iDareDream offers grandchildren being raised by their grandparents opportunities to participate in the same activities and programs most other children enjoy. Our Mission Digital program allows their team of volunteers to enable more children to achieve their dreams.
Through the Mission Digital Program, we provide complimentary hosting, website support and ongoing digital strategy, to help ignite everyday philanthropy to empower women and girls globally.
G.I.F.T strives to create change for those in need and help humanity’s fight against poverty and injustice. We help them do that by providing ongoing support and resources to enable them to continue their mission.
The Underground Collaborative is a Perth-based social enterprise that exists to create opportunities for women and young people experiencing or at-risk of homelessness in WA, primarily through their employment café Ground + Co.
We have been supporting She Codes since back when they were Perth{web}Girls! We built their first website pro-bono, have written a heap of tutorial content and have been long-time mentors. Check out the phenomenal work they do.
Our founder Jo is the lead organiser for the Perth WordPress meetup, and both Jo and Ross are regular speakers. House Digital is committed to the Five for the Future pledge to support the open source WordPress project.
The Nitty Gritty

Are You Eligible for Mission Digital?

The primary eligibility criteria for being accepted onto the Mission Digital program is that you are a cause-based non-profit or social enterprise that is in the growth phase. The ’cause’ must be something that aligns with our company values, and something that benefits the greater community in some way. Organisations that are accepted to join the program are usually majority volunteer-based, and/or have a very small number of paid employees.

Examples of organisations that are not typically eligible for the program include:

  • Churches and faith organisations
  • Governmental organisations
  • Schools, Colleges or Universities
  • Professional, Commerce or Trade Associations
  • Sports Clubs & Associations
  • Political Organisations

While we still work with exempt organisations, they have other pathways available to cover the types of support that Mission Digital provides – and we can’t help everyone for free!

Ultimately, as a small business our team have the final say on who is invited to join the program, because we are the ones who are donating our time and resources.