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We build Forever Sites.

Sure, anyone can make a decent-looking website – but ours are so much more than just a pretty face. We make scalable, functional sites that can grow as your organisation does and do everything you need them to do and then some.

We love helping organisations grow and achieve their objectives by delighting their customers and stakeholders through great user experiences and measured outcomes.

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Jo Minney

Digital Happiness Manager

Hi! I’m Jo, founder of House Digital.

Under the purple hair and bright (often cat-themed) outfits, I’m a tech-nerd to the core. My years in software development taught me how to translate between developers and users to ensure that the final product worked, looked amazing and importantly, delivered in all the areas the client actually needed it to.

Now with House Digital, I get to take all the “techy stuff” I love so much, like design, strategy, data, creativity, customer-psychology and user-experience, and work my magic to create killer websites. 

Outside of my (mostly) digital world, I’ll be smothering my cat with love, adding to my collection of Christmas paraphernalia, travelling around the globe on “business trips” and volunteering for causes I care about.



Team Coordinator
Responsible for making sure all the cogs in the House Digital machine run smoothly, Liz’s superpower is being the most organised person in the world. She manages the timeline & task assignment of all of our team members to ensure that projects stay on track. She also manages many of our internal & customer facing processes, such as content collection & actioning feedback from our weekly project meetings and acceptance testing of designs & development.


Technical Director
Founder of our partner company Devhouse, Ross is an experienced PHP developer & software solutions architect. With the help of his experienced and talented team Ross manages the back-end development of custom plugins, API integration and web services that give House Digital a leading edge.


High functioning websites usually require custom coding – whether it’s creating an interactive map or making sure the right posts show on the right pages. JR is our code monkey extraordinaire and can do things with JavaScript and PHP that most of us can only dream about. He also manages our support queue, and keeps all of our existing client sites working smoothly.


Junior Developer
Often the most time consuming part of a project is taking a design & content and turning it into a website – which is where Lovely comes in! She helps take the vision and turn it into a reality, using best practice WordPress development. Lovely is also responsible for the first round of responsiveness and compatibility testing and works closely with our designer to bring their vision to life.


Designer [+]
We’re looking for a creative, curious and energetic designer to join our team. If you have crazy good design skills and experience using Adobe XD (or similar products and a willingness to learn) please get in touch!
Meet the rest of my team
The Un-Agency Philosophy 🙂

Agencies... Kind of Suck.

When Jo first started House Digital, she felt a lot of pressure to know (and do) everything. Unfortunately she soon discovered that you can either do a few things well, or a lot of things with mediocrity. 

We decided to take the high road, and embraced what we call the ‘un-agency philosophy.’ That’s why we focus on what we’re best at, which is building REALLY GOOD WEBSITES.

To make sure that we can still help our clients achieve their goals, we’ve built long-term, strategic partnerships with a range of other small business in the creative and technology space. We’re proud to call these amazing businesses & individuals partners!

"The Internet is becoming the town square for the global village of tomorrow."

Giving Feels Good!

Community Impact

Our team are committed to giving back to the community in whatever way we can, which is why we started our Mission Digital Initiative.