We help you build your business

Below are just some of the business types we partner with to achieve success


Your website is not just a virtual business card - there are lots of ways it can make you money and improve your business. Show availability online and allow customers to easily book a table, or let your customers buy gift vouchers for their friends so they can spread the word about your awesome business for you!

You can display your menu online, and easily update it in just seconds - or share positive reviews from happy customers, to encourage new visitors to your business. Let the House Digital team help you to taste success!


Research shows that before walking into a physical store, the majority of people will research their product online. If you are not presenting your products online, this puts you at a significant disadvantage to your competition. 

We don't JUST help businesses present well online. We also help you to develop a cohesive customer buying experience that begins online and ends with your customer becoming a digital ambassador for your brand.


Whether you're a Law Firm, Accountant or Medical Professional, we can help you put your best foot forward and present you as a cut above the rest in your field. 

It's more important that ever that you are cohesively communicating your vision and mission to your audience and positioning your self as an authority in your respective industry. Our team can assist you to paint a road map for success in your business.


Over the years it's been immensely rewarding working with the not for profit sector.

We have helped many not for profit organisations not only communicate their purpose and values, but to develop a digital platform on which they are able to effectively engage with their stakeholders and achieve outcomes.


More people are turning to online sources as their first method of gaining or sharing information.

A well designed website can help reduce overheads and free up staff from answering frequently asked questions, or spending hours finding the right document.

We are experienced at overcoming the challenges involved when working with government funded organisations of all shapes and sizes.


Increase your sales or build passive income by selling your goods and services online safely and easily.

We've helped many businesses develop a fantastic brand online, and grow a tribe of loyal repeat buyers.

What's great about the internet is that it puts everyone on a level playing field. If you've got a great product to bring to market, we can help you build your online empire.