Five for
the Future

Our founder Jo is the lead organiser for the Perth WordPress meetup, and both Jo and Ross are regular speakers. You might not know this, but WordPress is actually an open source project – which means that the software that runs over two thirds of the internet relies on the support of the development community for everything from conferences to security to learning content.

In fact, WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg proposed a benchmark to organisations who earned a livelihood through the use of WordPress – called ‘Five for the Future‘, the program encourages organisations to contribute five percent of their resources to WordPress development. We’re actively working to make that a reality in our organisation, with team members contributing to:

  • The Polyglots team (translating WordPress into other languages)
  • The Community team (organising events to help strengthen the WordPress community)
  • The Learning team (creating, editing and reviewing content on
  • The WordPress Core team (improving and maintaining the WordPress software)

We’ve also got team members training up at the moment to join the WordPress Core and Accessibility teams.

Contributing to the project is very rewarding, allowing us both to give back to the community that supports us, as well as benefit from staying on top of upcoming developments in the WordPress community.

You can view our pledge here.