Only when a child knows they matter and are given tools, support and opportunity, will they dare to dream of bright and fulfilling futures.

iDareDream offers grandchildren being raised by their grandparents opportunities to participate in the same activities and programs most other children enjoy.

Most grandparents struggle to meet the numerous daily expenses of unexpectedly raising a second generation in their later years and can rarely afford any extra-curricular events for the children suddenly in their care.

iDareDream were one of the charities that participated in the do_action() hackathon that we organised back in 2020. Following the creation of their beautiful website by the hackathon volunteers, the iDareDream found themselves in need of further strategic advice on how to balance the power of technology with a demographic that often found it intimidating. We’ve worked with them since then to incorporate additional features such as an online donation form and online membership process, as well as providing general technical support and advice to their team of volunteers.