100 Women ignites everyday philanthropy to empower women and girls globally.

  • 100% of member donations go into the annual grant fund to award multiple charities up to $40,000 AUD each.
  • As a member you have a say where the funding goes, by voting on the shortlisted grant applicants each year.
  • Successful applicants receive funding for initiatives that directly impact the lives of disadvantaged women and girls locally, nationally and globally.

One of the challenges of a collaborative giving circle that is committed to making sure 100% of donations go into the annual grant fund is that they don’t have the biggest operational budget. As a result, they had been relying 100% on volunteers for a long time to keep the lights on. We brought 100 Women onto our Mission Digital Program in early 2022, and we also recently helped them to launch both their brand new website and their custom build membership portal (in collaboration with our friends at Devhouse) to help them better attract, retain and engage with members.

Our favourite thing about supporting 100 Women is that they help so many high impact charities through the concept of everyday philanthropy, and we love the idea that small donations can make a huge impact (and that as a member, we can actively participate in choosing where grants will make the most impact).

We’ll be releasing a case study soon on the 100 Women project, but in the meantime why not head on over to their website and become a member (for as little as $25/month or a one time donation of $300) or purchase a ticket for their next event?