Block Hours

Block hours consumed for emergency purposes (at your request) outside of business hours are consumed at twice the rate as during regular business hours. For the purpose of block hour consumption, regular business hours are considered to be between 8:00 am and 5:30 pm, Monday to Friday. WA Public Holidays are considered outside of regular business hours. In some circumstances, at our discretion and agreed in advance, block hours may be exempt from the 2x loading rate outside of business hours (or a lower loading rate applied).

You cannot use block hours to credit against website care plan costs or training/workshop costs (unless otherwise approved). Block hours cannot be used for other products or services unless specifically stated, or otherwise agreed.

If you do not have enough block hours to complete billable work, you will be given the option to purchase another set of block hours (to be purchased online via credit card at the time when the services are being rendered), or be simply be invoiced at our standard hourly rate (which will generally be more expensive).

Block hour purchases are non-refundable at this time.

This depends upon the quantity purchased. 5 Hour Blocks expire after 12 months. 10 Hour Blocks expire after 24 months. 20 Hour Blocks do not expire at all.

The minimum number of block hours that can be consumed in one instance is 1 hour. We strongly recommend grouping tasks or letting us know if they are low priority so that we can ‘batch’ work – it is much more efficient for both of us that way! After the first hour, blocks will be consumed in 15 minute increments.