Standard Rates

What’s Your Hourly Rate?

We typically only do adhoc hourly work for existing care plan clients or in limited circumstances, for clients of our strategic partners. We prefer to focus on either helping people by creating them brand new, sexy-as-heck websites, or assisting our existing clients with the strategic online growth of their business.

If you want to become an existing client, check out our Website Care Plans – these cover lots of upkeep and maintenance stuff like updates, security and hosting.

Our rates typically vary depending on whether or not you are on an existing care plan, and what tier you are on. We like to reward our clients on higher tier plans, so we offer them a 20% discount on services. All of the quoted prices are excluding GST and unless otherwise discussed individual support requests will always be invoiced at a minimum of 1 hour.

Standard Rate | No Care Plan


This rate applies to websites that have not been audited by our team and placed on a care plan.

Care Plan Base Rate | Professional Care Plan and Above


This rate applies to clients on an active care plan, for work completed that is outside of the scope of the plan.

Not for Profit Rate | For Mission Digital Beneficiaries


We love supporting non-profits, and offer our lowest rate for eligible charitable organisations doing great work in the community.

Looking for a better rate?

We’ve recently shifted to a block hour system. This allows approved clients to purchase a ‘block’ of 5, 10 or 20 hours at a time for a discounted rate. You can find out more about our block hours here.