WiTWA is a Perth-based, not for profit organisation providing a framework for Women in Tech [+] to extend their networks and expand their knowledge. Established in 1998, WiTWA was formed as a network to support women who found themselves in heavily male-dominated industries. WiTWA operates as a mission-driven not-for-profit network under the governance of a highly experienced group of women who are veritable champions for diversity and equality for women in Tech [+] in WA.

In early 2020, WiTWA was selected to participate in the do_action() Hackathon in Perth headed by our very own Jo Minney, Founder of House Digital. The WiTWA team had so many wonderful ideas leading into the hackathon, but only so much could be accomplished in a single day and the WiTWA team had a huge vision for the future of their organisation. To make their vision into reality they reached out to House Digital and we’ve been partnering with them ever since.

The WiTWA motto, “If you can see her, you can be her!” focuses on inspiring and enabling WA women and young girls to see what is possible when boundaries are pushed and biases are suspended. As the the leading advocate for diversity, inclusion, and equity (DEI) for women in technology in Western Australia, they aim to promote their motto by highlighting the amazing work done by women throughout all industries in the Tech [+] space. They do this through a range of initiatives such as their Role Models directory, annual WiTWA Tech [+] Awards, annual WiTWA Conference, Techtrails and Corporate DEI programs.

WiTWA needed a website that would inspire action, and some of the features that we used to help them achieve this included:

  • Revised, interactive menu to enable their many stakeholders to find the initiative(s) most relevant for them
  • Searchable role model directory, highlighting the 600+ outstanding female Tech[+] Role Models already inducted (with many more to come)
  • The ability to promote events, included a dedicated page for the annual Women in Tech [+] awards and WiTWA Conference.
  • A curated resource library to share free content such as books, podcasts, videos and articles relevant to those pursuing a successful career in technology (or interested in promoting diversity in the tech industry).
  • A dedicated membership platform for their Diversity, Equity & Inclusion program, allowing unlimited users from member organisations to access additional curated resources, partners and pathways;
  • A careers board, to promote job opportunities by corporate partners who are actively working to improve diversity in the tech industry.

What they think...

In early 2020, we were one of the NFPs that were selected to participate in the DoAction Hackathon in Perth under the watchful eye of Jo Minney from House Digital. With the help of a brilliant multidisciplinary team, we kickstarted the redesign and development of our website. We had lofty ideas about where we needed to take our website, and in particular in terms of showcasing women in tech [+]. We loved the ideas, but it is limited what you can get done over a weekend or two, so we turned to House Digital who helped us convert our vision into reality. Jo and her team have been fantastic – They take on board our views and let us know if we are being too ambitious, or help us identify what we gaps we need to fill to reach our goals. I am super impressed with their commitment, knowledge, and expertise, and I love the fact that we now have a website that is easy to use for our basic needs and still provides the flexibility and extensibility that we need for it to grow with our organisation. I am also stoked that we now have all our websites on the same platform and can fully integrate our different initiatives.