Techtrails STEM & Future Skills Program is an initiative from Women in Technology WA (WiTWA) which offers in-school incursions and online modules to promote Technology and STEM to secondary students. Their mission is to generate passion, excitement, and interest in young people, encouraging them to consider careers in technology.

Via the Techtrails online modules, students can become VR experts, marine scientists, or software engineers for a day – and listen to leading experts as they share their career stories while learning about the infinite possibilities a career in Technology and STEM offers.

Techtrails wanted their primary website to be engaging and provide a clear pathway for schools to engage the organisation for school incursions, as well as an overhaul of their online STEM careers discovery platform that is used with students to explore and learn about future STEM career pathways.

Some of the features that the Techtrails team have found especially valuable include:

As well as the work we’ve done in collaboration with Techtrails, we are proud sponsors of Women in Tech WA and have been honoured to participate as volunteers and speakers in several Techtrails School Incursion programs.

What they think...

Techtrails is an initiative of Women in Technology WA that is designed to generate passion, excitement, and interest to inspire young people to consider careers in technology and science. Along with the re-design of the Women in Technology WA website our Techtrails site and Digital Toolkit were in need of a new look to communicate this mission. Jo and her team were able to understand not only what we needed in a website, but to also understand our needs as a not for profit in terms of ongoing site maintenance. The new site has meant that we can better tell our story, and focus our ability to communicate with each of our user groups. Jo and her team were a brilliant guiding force during the process, helping us to achieve a beautiful new website. We now have a dedicated page for students to access, and a place to share our growing list of resources. Thank you House Digital!

- Techtrails