Invest Vic Park

The Town of Victoria Park is an inner-city community located just 10 minutes from Perth’s CBD, centred around the vibrant and bustling Albany Highway famed for its buzzing café strip & unique retail stores. With 46% of the Town’s land still developable and close proximity to key transport infrastructure, the Town offers significant opportunity for investment.

When we first spoke to the team spearheading the Invest Vic Park campaign at their offices on Shepperton Rd, it was clear we had a little bit of work to do identifying the types of individuals who would be using the Invest Vic Park website, as well as what kind of information they would be looking for. We helped them map out all of the things their potential (or existing) investors might be looking for, and went through their existing marketing material in detail to see what we could use to avoid duplication of work and keep the look and feel of the website consistent with their already well-developed branding.

Some of the key deliverables for this project included:

  • “On-brand” while still being accessible and mobile friendly
  • Fun and interactive, reflecting the Town’s dynamic vision
  • A way to show potential investment opportunities
  • Showcase of existing projects (by both the Town & investors)
  • Integration with the main Town website blog & events feeds
  • Key statistics, made mobile friendly
  • A map of the Town showing the various areas & landmarks

Rather than re-inventing the wheel, we took one of the key existing assets that the Town already had (and loved) and turned the printed, stylised map from their Investor Prospectus into a delightful interactive feature of the website. The Interactive Map displays the key areas and landmarks in the Town and when one of them is clicked it displays a description and images about that item, as well as a link to find out more information about that place.

We also used native charting libraries to display key statistics about the people, businesses and the Town itself in a way that was still on-brand, accessible and mobile friendly.

As you delve deeper into the site, you will also find key information about each ‘place’ – showcasing imagery, statistics, descriptions, downloads, links, opportunities, case studies and past projects all dynamically linked to minimise administrative overhead. Little details, such as using the colour detail associated with the branding of each of the ‘places’ (e.g. pink for Burswood Peninsula), the use of the Town’s iconic heart icon for bullet points, and use of the heart ‘stencil’ as a mask on images on the Interactive Map help to really bring the website design in line with the rest of the Town’s digital presence.

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