Cube Consulting

Founded in 2000 in Perth, Western Australia, Cube Consulting had a single-minded objective – the delivery of trusted and reliable consulting services to the mining industry, backed by a quality team of geologists and mining engineers. They do this with their collaborative and pragmatic approach, delivering the analyses, results and advice required for sound commercial decision making.

Connected to us by one of our strategic partners, The Brand Foundry, Cube Consulting were determined that their website needed to stand out from the crowd. They want it to be more interactive, look more organised and engage visitors more than the average consulting company, so the Brand Foundry reached out to House Digital to help deliver on something truly unique. We collaborated with their specialist design team to create a completely bespoke website that would both align with their premium brand and meet their technical requirements for years to come.

Some of the features we developed for this project include:

  • A revised sitemap that allowed customers to easily navigate to what they need;
  • A comprehensive, filterable team page that showcased the excellent technical talent that Cube Consulting has to offer;
  • Individual ‘virtual CVs‘ for each team member showcasing their individual experience, expertise and qualifications and reducing admin burden by simplifying the process of connecting potential customers with the right consultant;
  • A similarly searchable document library to showcase important documents such as case studies, white papers and capability statements.