Digital Solutions

Business Station is a non-profit provider of enterprise development services to businesses across Western Australia, Queensland and the Northern Territory. They provide a range of services including but not limited to the Digital Solutions Australian Small Business Advisory Program.

The old Business Station website had been created before the Digital Solutions program existed, and content had been added over the years by various staff members without any holistic strategy or plan. Clients and stakeholders alike often commented on how difficult it was to find key pieces of information, and it was almost impossible to utilise the website effectively in any kind of marketing strategy.

In 2022, Business Station decided to split the Business Station and Digital Solutions websites to enable a clearer delineation between the Commonwealth driven program, and other Business Station Initiatives.

Some of the features that are important to the Digital Solutions team include:

  • The ability to easily search and filter advisors & events
  • The ability to add, edit and remove programs, advisors and events
  • Integration with their existing customer management portal created to manage the Digital Solutions program
  • Integration with Eventbrite to reduce the amount of manual rework
  • A way to display success stories to showcase their great work helping small businesses
  • The ability to create guest blog posts and leverage their advisor network

Since launching the initial website, Business Station & the Digital Solutions team have undergone a number of organisational changes related to their programs and services (including splitting off the Digital Solutions website from the primary Business Station website). We’ve assisted them to find solutions along the way such as utilising their existing website functionality to create complex forms and questionnaires so that they could move away from using third party software not approved by the Commonwealth due to data storage regulations. We’ve also worked closely with the development agency responsible for the ASBAS portal to further integrate and automate bookings, advisors, forms and events – reducing administrative overheads for Business Station staff and improving the overall experience for individuals using the program, whether they be clients or advisors.

Both of our Directors (Jo Minney and Ross Minney) are delighted to be long-time advisors with the Digital Solutions program, providing low cost, quality advice to Aussie Small Businesses.

What they think...

“We engaged House Digital to design and build our new website after reviewing a number of comparable proposals. The proposal provided by House Digital was the most competitive and comprehensive. I couldn’t recommend Jo and House Digital highly enough! Initially, she attended our office and coordinated a scoping session with all internal stakeholders to ensure she understood the requirements of the website completely and could create the site map (this process also helped us understand our needs more completely). Jo was patient with our team as we were working through our needs for each department. Every week we met to discuss the new parts of the website, with Jo providing in depth information and walking me through each section of the website. Jo provides advice and guidance on best practice for each different component of the website. Our website covers a number of different complex programs and business units, all with different needs; in every section of the website, Jo has spent time researching the best option for some of the bespoke functions we needed. This process has been streamlined by House Digital’s experience, processes and excellent communication. I would highly recommend Jo and House Digital to anyone considering a new website build.”

- Digital Solutions