Architects Board of WA

The Architects Board of WA (ABWA) is a statutory authority that administers the Architects Act 2004, the legislation that regulates architects in Western Australia. Although the Board reports to State Parliament through the Minister for Commerce, it is entirely self-funded by architects.

When we first met with ABWA, they were using Microsoft Access to manage their 1300+ architects, and their website had last been updated in 2009. They were spending a significant amount of the year doing administrative work manually updating and maintaining the Register of Architects.

We had a lot of fun working with the team at Devhouse on this project, as they developed a bespoke online database and we created a beautiful, modern online presence that integrated seamlessly with the new automated Register.

Some of the key requirements for this project included:

  • Tasteful integration with Instagram to keep content fresh
  • Automatic integration with the Register of Architects (via API)
  • A clear path to content for the three major audiences
  • Quick links to forms and Info sheets to help admin staff respond to FAQs
  • A mobile friendly website that met modern accessibility standards