100 Women

100 Women are a collective giving circle dedicated to igniting everyday philanthropy to empower women and girls globally.

In 2022, 100 Women approached House Digital to overhaul their existing website due to usability, maintainability and security concerns. We worked with their team to provide a fresh look for the site, along with significant user experience improvements and a revised information architecture to help set the organisation up for success. This includes their updated directory of past grant recipients, as well as direct integration with their event ticketing platform, Humanitix and the ability to promote third party member-led fundraising events on their Events page.

We also worked in close collaboration with our sister business, Devhouse, to integrate their new website with a custom built management system that allows their team of volunteers to manage everything from event attendees and newsletter signups, to memberships, to grant recipients and applications.

In late 2022 we helped 100 Women launch their online member portal, which enables members to securely sign up online as well as log in to access and update important information such as their personal and contact details, email preferences, billing preferences, and membership period. As well as being able to cancel their membership without a volunteer needing to be involved, members can now also pause memberships – perfect for improving membership retention while simultaneously reducing admin burden.

The new system and website is fully integrated with 100 Women’s email marketing platform and accounting system, and allows for easy and reliable reporting on important information such as new members and member retention.

In 2023 100 Women will be improving their grant application online experience (watch this space!) as well as exploring new ways to engage corporate members to provide a more sustainable future for the organisation as a whole.

If you are interested in helping to empower women and girls globally, please consider making a donation or becoming a member with 100 Women. All donations are tax deductible, and as a member for as little as $25/month you will have the opportunity to directly vote on how your donation is used and be part of an amazing community. Jo & Ross are both proud to be 100 Women members!

What they think...

“Jo Minney and her team at House Digital have been an incredible support to 100 Women in a truly holistic way. Not only does the team advocate women’s equality by sharing our philanthropic purpose to their networks and becoming corporate partners, but they were pivotal in reshaping our entire IT framework for the benefit of our volunteers and our members. We saw our dream website become a reality with such ease under Jo’s confident, intelligent and often humorous guidance. Just read the fine print in her email signature and you will see! Nothing was too difficult for the team. We owe them so much.”

- 100 Women