If you would like us to do ‘adhoc’ work outside of what is covered by your care plan (such as custom programming, additional content changes or design work) you have a couple of options. If you have a large chunk of work (e.g. launching a new part of your business and need additional pages created or the home page overhauled) the best thing to do is to send an email to or, if you prefer, book a 15 min phone call to discuss. If the work is small, you can take advantage of our Block Hours, which provide you with our cheapest hourly rate and higher priority than work billed on an adhoc basis.

Our preferred support method is email and we’re usually very quick to respond. If you are already a client with us you should have been provided with a dedicated email address you can use for support requests.

Great question! We’ve provided some examples here about what is and isn’t covered. Basically, if it is related to keeping your website healthy, it is likely covered. If it is a change, it will depend on the complexity of the change and the level of care plan you are on.

Example 1 – A new version of WordPress is released and updates cause a plugin conflict.

  • In 95% of cases we’ll identify and fix the issue before you even know about it! This is covered.

Example 2 – Some functionality that we created for you to do something specific on your website (e.g. adding a particular type of user with special permissions) is no longer working as intended.

  • We’ll troubleshoot the bug and fix it for you until it’s working like new! This is covered.

Example 3 – You want the ability to add a different payment method to your website (e.g. Afterpay) in addition to your existing options.

  • This is not covered and would be billed at our standard hourly rate.

Example 4 – Code created by a third party (e.g. original web developer if we didn’t create your site) is malfunctioning.

  • This is not covered. There is a lot more work involved with editing someone else’s code as we first need to find it, then interpret it, then fix it. We also can’t guarantee the quality of code not created by us!

Example 5 – You’ve updated a few of your products and you’d like to replace the photos on your product page with new ones but can’t remember how.

  • As long as it’s what could reasonably be accomplished in an hour or less, this would be covered if you are on a professional care plan or higher.

Example 6 – Changing the name of a menu item – e.g. replacing ‘Our People’ with ‘The Team’ or ‘Products’ with ‘Shop’.

  • As long as it doesn’t require design changes to the header, this would be covered.

Example 7 – Replacing the logo with a different one that is not the same colour/shape/size.

  • This will likely require changes to the header code to accommodate, and possibly redesigning (depending on how different it is). This would likely not be covered.

Example 8 – Adding logic to an eCommerce store so that certain functionality (e.g. shipping options or pricing) is only available to specific user types.

  • This is not covered, UNLESS this is functionality that has already been implemented on your site and we’re just updating the specifics for you!

Example 9 – Your website becomes infected with malware and/or gets hacked.

  • Keeping your site clean is our responsibility so this would be covered. Fortunately for us, we have lots of security practices and preventative measures in place to make sure this rarely (if ever) happens!