Website Technical Audit Package

Website Technical Audit Package

WordPress websites vary wildly in quality! With great power (aka plugins) comes great responsibility, and unfortunately that responsibility isn’t always taken care of by someone who knows what they’re doing.

Our website audit package is designed for WordPress website owners who need to know exactly how good or bad a state they are in – and more importantly, how they can improve it.

We’re not here to judge (too much) about things like what theme was used, what builder/software was chosen, or whether your content makes sense. What we’re looking for is stuff like:

  • Security! Our number one focus when auditing a site is whether or not it is secure, and what the risk factor is. We use a number of tools to assess this, as well as our dedicated WordPress Security Audit Checklist.
  • Best Practices – are there conflicting plugins? Users who shouldn’t be there? Access where access doesn’t belong?
  • General Health – is WordPress up to date? Are premium plugins properly licensed and regularly updated? Are things like backups and analytics running properly?
  • Quick Wins – what recommendations we’d suggest for instantly improving the health of your website.
  • Red Flags – Anything that absolutely doesn’t belong, that is either disadvantaging you or your website visitors.

Because each WordPress site is different, each audit is different. We’re not looking to get every site the same, because where would be the fun in that? Our goal is simply to advise you on how to make the most of your digital assets.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you fix things or only provide recommendations as part of the audit?

It depends! If we are only doing an audit, then we’ll generally just provide a list of recommendations. However, there are two instances where we’ll likely just fix it for you – if there is something that is a major security issue that needs to be addressed immediately (and is within our power to achieve during the site audit) or if we are conducting a migration at the same time (in which case we’ll probably just do it and give you a report at the end).

Will you check things like speed and SEO?

While these things are impacted by the stuff we are focusing on, they are not specifically the focus of the audit. If we notice a plugin that is causing your site to run really slow, we’ll include that in the report and probably a recommendation to either remove it, replace it, or manage it (depending on the situation). Likewise, if we notice that you have issues that will clearly be impacting your SEO, we’ll let you know about them, too.

I heard you specialise in UX. Will you provide feedback on improvements to my design and User Experience?

This specific audit is for conducting a technical review only – but we also have a UX audit that you can ‘add-on’ if this is important to you!

Is there a discount for purchasing both audits at the same time?

Sure is! If you combine our UX audit and Technical Audit together, you’ll get a $100 discount. If you combine the migration package, you’ll get a further $100 discount. If you are migrating to House Digital and will be joining one of our care plans, we’ll also give you your first month of support complimentary.

Audit Bundle:

Audit + Migration Bundle: